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Women Against Harris Garden Party
Join The Candlelight Vigil & March - Sunday June 7th
Letter from Kingston Religous Leaders
Rock Against Harris - Premier Mike Harris On Trial
Education Family Picnic And Forum
LINC - Workfare Forum
NDP Convention Resolution
Kingston City Council Resolution
Pack City Council May 26th at 7:00 P.M.
Kingston Day of Action Official Opening


The weather will be GREAT in Kingston on June 8th

Nothing's happening in your town on Monday . . . you may as well be in Kingston with great music, great friends and a great protest

See what real democracy feels like . . . there's nothing more powerful than making your statement against Harris with thousands of other people

Find inspiration in the speakers' eloquence

Kingston has the best restaurants between Toronto and Montrea

March by Canada's first parliament

Hugh Segal and Flora MacDonald will be out of town

Bring your friends and neighbours to help the people of Kingston fight the Harris cuts

Make history by attending the final Day of Action before the province-wide action


Celebrate the last anniversary of the election of the Mike Harris government.

Activities begin at 10:30 am at Kingston's Memorial Centre and will conclude by 2:00 pm.

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Why do women and children have to pay for the Ontario tax cut?

It's a fact - services to women and children are the loss leaders for this government
Join your friends and neighbours at the Women Against Harris Garden Party
City Park - June 6, 1998 - 1 to 4 P.m.
Children Welcome

Women in Kingston, in preparation for the Day of Action, are planning a special women's event. The afternoon of Saturday, June 6, 1998, from 1 to 4 will feature music, art and entertainment from the women's community.

Special event Catherine McCleod will launch her book Waking Up in the Men's Room. Catherine is a working class activist, writer and mother who has worked in the labour movement for over two decades. Her book is a feminist memoir about growing up with a woman's consciousness in a world designed by men.

The Kingston Community Day of Action, June 8, is the 11th Ontario Day of Action. These days of action are political protests against the provincial Government's policies that are seriously eroding all aspects of women's lives in Ontario.

Cuts to education, social services and health represent major job and service losses for women.
Cuts to welfare and family benefits have made women poorer than ever.
Workfare is turning poor women into forced labour with no childcare services for their little ones.
Women's organizations continue to experience serious financial stress.
Threats of cut-backs or closings are creating a climate of fear in the community.

Only by working together can women resist these attacks against the gains we have made over the past 50 years.

Childcare, food and refreshments are provided
Please bring a donation for the Food Bank
For further information please call the Day of Action Office, 536-5389

Peterborough Day of Action: best women's sign:
Harris get your hands off my hard-earned life.

St-Catharine's Day of Action: best women's sign
Can only welfare moms hear the jackboots?

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Ontario's Education Changes 1998
What Do They Mean For Students?

The Education Family Picnic and Forum
Wednesday, June 3, 1998
Lake Ontario Park

3:00 pm
Free rides, hot dog and drink for children accompanied by an adult.

4:00 pm
Entertainment - featuring the outstanding talents of Kingston teachers and education workers

5:15 pm

An Education Forum - Mark Bishof, Master of Ceremonies

Natalie Mehra & Charlie Stock   Kingston Community Day of Action Co-chair
					Greetings and opening remarks

Earl Manners   President, Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation

Geraldine McGuire   National Secretary-Treasurer, CUPE

Dave Parkhill   parent and member of the Apple Green Campaign

Bud Wildman   MPP (Algoma), New Democratic Party Education Critic

Christopher Hales   President, Graduate and Professional Students Society,
 Queen's University

Marshall Jarvis   President, Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association

Lyn McLeod   MPP (Fort William), Liberal Education Critic

Bryan Palmer   Professor of History, Queen's University

Phyllis Benedict   President, Ontario Public School Teachers' Federation

6:30 pm

Chicken and ribs barbeque and social. Entertainment continues.

The Education Family Picnic and Forum is a Day of Action community event. Everyone is welcome.

For more information, please call Marc Moreau, 536-5420.

STAND UP - OR FALL FOR EVERYTHING Education rally draws hundreds to picnic, free rides and speeches On June 3, over 300 people attended the Education Rally in Lake Ontario Park. Despite a cool, windy day, the free rides and hot dogs delighted hundreds of children for the picnic.

At 5:30, the rally began. The speakers’ list included Natalie Mehra and Charlie Stock, Kingston Community Day of Action Co-chairs as well asrepresentatives of teachers and education workers, parents and students.

Earl Manners, Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation President Earl Manners said, “If we in this room don’t stand up, our society will fall for everything.”

Parent Dave Parkhill, a member of the Apple Green Campaign said that “The Harris government promised increased involvement under Bill 160, but they have taken away all flexibility at the local level to make any meaningful choices in education.”

Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association President Marshall Jarvis told the crowd that “we owe it to our children, to our students, to continue the fight we began in November.”

Ontario Public School Teachers’ Federation President Phyllis Benedict said, about the next provincial election, “Put someone in there who’s going to care about the sick, the children, and those who have no voices.”

Liberal MPP and Educaiotn Critic Lyn McLeod said, “People in edcuation have been under siege for two and a half years. . . [This goernment] controls everything and takes reponsisbility for nothing.”

NDP MPP and Education Critic Bud Wildman said that “The Harris govenrment lied. The Tories had promised to put more money into classroom education but have taken over a billion dollars out. The edcuation funding formula is a cutting formula - the people who teach and make our schools safe and clean are losing their jobs.” Holding up an orange Harris Free Zone sticker, Wildman continued, “Day of Action participants should make Kingston and Eastern Ontario Harris Free Zones Monday and after the next election.

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This letter from the leadership of the Kingston Religous Community issued May 28, 1998 will be read in all area churches.


During the first week of the glorious season of Pentecost, the Kingston Days of Action will give us an extraordinary opportunity to be aware of the lively, loving power of the Holy Spirit.

The theme of these days is Resistance for Justice. Week-long public events will create opportunities to reflect upon our society and to accept our responsibilities for making it caring and just. These presentations will begin on May 28th, and culminate in a regional gathering on June 8th.

As did people of faith over the centuries, we insist on respect for the common good wedded to respect for individual rights. This challenges all people, either as individuals or groups, to reach the fulfillment that God intends for them. The Holy Spirit ever urges us to foster social policy that strengthens the common good and makes a right use of the human and material resources so freely and abundantly given to us. When we respond, our lone voices find a thousand echoes as we see ourselves in solidarity with all others, whether friends, strangers, or even those we consider enemies. This gives us courage - both to actively resist values and policies that degrade human dignity and to seek just alternatives.

Seeking justice is a costly and eternal struggle; yet, it creates great joy in right relationships. It requires persistent resistance to those responsible for oppression. Jesus persisted with the unjust holders of power. So did the lone widow before the unjust judge, persevering for her right to be heard. In resistance-for-justice, the love of the Spirit echoes in firm, informed, non-violent action. This is a much more difficult way than the extremes of running away or of violence, but only the path of justice will bring us to negotiation for the good of all.

During the Kingston Days of Action, let us follow these examples and consider carefully the ideas, needs, and concerns that will be raised during the public gatherings that are planned from May 28th until the final Day of Action on June 8th.

The May 28th event will spotlight the deterioration in the lives of the poorest citizens, especially the children. A rise in unemployment and a huge increase in the need for social assistance is witnessed by the fact that nearly 1000 households use the Kingston Food Bank each month, and many need to be fed at such venues as St. George's, St. Vincent de Paul, the Salvation Army or Martha's Table.

The June 1st event will highlight the substantial deterioration in our health care system, both for caregivers and for the recipients. Poor planning has ignored the increasing proportion of seniors and the needs of the poor and the mentally ill. Deliberate reduction in environmental standards affects us all.

Our society recognizes work as the basis for personal and social security. Yet, the high level of unemployment is seen now as a norm. Recent legislation has severely compromised both workplace health and safety standards and support for injured workers. An event on June 2nd will focus on these brutal realities.

On June 4th, this author will challenge the myth that we are without power in the global economy. Her books, such as Shooting the Hippo, critique the prevailing economic paradigm. The season of Pentecost is an ideal time to consider the Source of true power.

The future of every person in our society is fundamentally linked to the quality of their formal education. Recent government cutbacks will impoverish each individual and the whole society. There will be a demonstration of concern by teachers and others on June 5th.

On Sunday, June 7th, a special event will highlight the City Hall vigil of the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul. For two and a half years, the Sisters and others have maintained this silent, prayerful vigil in solidarity with the poor and the disadvantaged. Sponsored by the Kingston Faith and Justice Coalition and the Justice and Peace Office of the Sisters of Providence, a procession will more from City Hall to City Park, where music and stories will focus attention on our vision of social justice. The main speaker will be the Reverend Susan Eagle, United Church minister and London City Councillor.

A social justice event, with music, food, and speeches, is being planned for June 7th by a committee of young people. It is the youth who are and will continue to be most affected by unjust government actions, and who are among those least able to defend themselves.

A mass demonstration of public concern will occur in Kingston on June 8th. It is the local Kingston Day of Action in the Ontario Federation of Labour's "Ontario Speaks Out" series and coincides with the 3rd Anniversary of the present Ontario Government. This will be a major march and rally as the culminating event in the Kingston Days of Action.

In the weeks, months, and years ahead, may our passion for justice continue to glow with the fire of Pentecost.


Most Reverend Francis J Spence
Archbishop of Kingston

Right Reverend Peter Mason
Bishop of Ontario

Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul

Kingston Faith and Justice Coalition

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On June 7/98 there will be a concert for youth by youth, It will be held from 3:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. Part of this concert will include Premier Mike Harris on Trial

Expert Witnesses:

Pierre George - Brother of murdered Native protestor Dudley George
Natalie Mehra - Community co-chair of the Kingston Community Day of Action
Patrick Borden - Montreal Committee of the Unemployed
Joel Harden - Chair of the Ontario Section of the Canadian Federation of Students
Kevin Armstrong - Rising Heights Hot Meal Program
Maggie MacDonald - Student and Activist
Janice Kirk - Member of the Low Income Needs Coalition (LINC)
Ali Qadeer - Student and Activist
And witnesses from Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU), Anti-Racist Action Toronto, and the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP).

Harris's Defense Counsel:
Ronald McDonnie - the Corporate Clown

Concert for youth by youth, on June 7/98 will be held from 3:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. At the Steelworkers Hall, located at 206 Concession Street, Kingston.
This concert is drug and alcohol free.
Concert starts 3 p.m.

Steelworkers Hall, 206 Concession Street, Kingston
Remember to bring a donation to the food bank









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OnTuesday May 26th a delegation of community and labour activists will ask Kingston City Council to join in the right to engage in peaceful protest and to join in the fight against government cuts to services.
For more information or to join with the delegation call (613) 536-5420.

Municipal Resolution
Kingston Day of Action

WHEREAS, the City of Kingston, stands in full support of the rights of its citizens to free assembly for the purpose of political education and political expression, and

WHEREAS, Kingston has itself felt the effects of provincial downloading of costs, and

WHEREAS, Kingston City Council shares the concern of citizens who are alarmed at the speed of provincial change, and

WHEREAS, Kingston City Council supports the call for the provincial government to be more consultative with those institutions, services, and individuals, affected by its actions, and,

WHEREAS, Kingston City Council has itself not been consulted on issues affecting its operation and services,

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT Kingston City Council supports the June 8th, 1998 Day of Action as a peaceful political expression of the rights of all citizens to be heard in a democracy, and

PROCLAIMS June8, 1998 as the Kingston Day of Action

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The Kingston Community Day of Action Municipial Resolution

Will City Council endorse the Kingston Community Day of Action?

Let's make sure the gallery is packed with members of our community. We'll send a strong signal to Kingston City Council that they should stand with the citizens in our peaceful, democratic protest of Harris government policies.

Join Us!!
Tuesday May 26
City Hall
7 p.m.

For more information call the Day of Action office at 536-5420

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The Workfare Forum

Thursday May 28th at 5 P.M.


Attend the forum on workfare on Thursday at 5 P.M.

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Join the Candlelight Vigil Then March To City Park

Sunday June 7th at 8 P.M.
Bring a candle to Kingston city hall and listen as the church bells toll in mourning for the governments that put profits before people. Vigil

Then march to city park to hear speakers on the eve of the Kingston Community Day of Action

Guest Speaker:
Rev. Susan Eagle, city councillor, London, Ontario

Help us mark 21/2 years of silent, prayerful solidarity with the most affected by government cuts to social programs by joining our vigil and the following march to City Park.

Sponsored by: The Justice & Peace Office of the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul, and the Kingston Coalition for Faith and Justice

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The NDP convention will be held onMay 22, 23,and 24th in Hamilton. The following resolution has been submited.

Emergency Resolution To the NDP Convention
NDP Kingston Day of Action

WHEREAS the Kingston Day of Action, June 8th, marks the third anniversary of the Harris Tories being elected in the Province of Ontario;

WHEREAS the 1996 leadership convention of the ONDP adopted resolutions supporting grassroots action, committing the party to mobilize with our social allies for our fundamental objectives;

WHEREAS party activists, candidates, elected members, riding associations and affiliated organizations as well as provincial office have helped build previous days of action;

WHEREAS the Kingston Day of Action aims include resisting the unjust policies of the Harris Conservative government and its corporate allies;
demonstrating by action the values of the society we want; building a deeper understanding of political and economic issues in our community, and Province;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Provincial Council immediately issue a statement of support;
urging all constituency associations and affiliated organizations to support the Kingston Day of Action;
informing all affiliated organizations and constituency associations how to take part in the Kingston Day of Action;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED the Leader and Queen's Park caucus issue a statement of support for the Kingston Day of Action;
work with the organizers of the Kingston Day of Action to expose the Harris agenda and return the NDP to government in Ontario.

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of the office of the
Wednesday May 20th, 1998
7:00 P.M.
Rockcliffe Plaza - 400 Elliott Avenue - Kingston


The Kingston Community Day of Action, June 8th, 1998

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