Kingston Community Day of Action

Women Against Harris Garden Party June 6, 1998

Arlene Mantle
Arlene Mantle

HRH Rita arrives in a "Mikemobile" with caddy Jim Free(butpoor)man

HRH Rita opens the event

MC Kelly Dear keeps things lively

Faith Nolan
Toronto singer songwriter Faith Nolan
entertains with song

Debora deAngelis
Debora deAngelis, Youth Representative on
the Ontario Federation of Labour Executive Board

Raging Grannies
The Raging Grannies delight the gathering with humorous songs.

Tuna 1

Tuna 2

The large gathering listened to a mixture of speakers and music.

Michelle Sangster
Michelle Sangster, OPSEU - describes life on
the Pathways picket line in Kingston.

Catherine MacLeod
Catherine MacLeod reads selected passages at
the launch of her new book "Waking Up In The Men's Room"

Catherine & Jamie
Catherine MacLeod looks on as
Jamie Swift displays her new book.

Faith Nolan and friends

Arlene Mantle leads a song

Jim Freeman
Jim Freeman caddy to the Queen

The Kingston Community Day of Action, June 8th, 1998

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